Vertical farming. Sphere or cubes as a grow platform?

Vertical farming. Sphere or cubes as a grow platform?


Surface areas If suspended.

Sphere: 3 foot radius

Cube: ( both.

Sphere is 6ft wide (assuming). Even if two full cubes available 108ft^2-(18ft^2 touching sides) vs. ~113.1ft-one to x points of contact so one sphere holds more food.

Per the plant life:

It depends on the layers of edibles vs the layers of life needing chaff and unneeded removeable waste.

Instead of using pvc you use water proof wire mesh, with rings of smaller holes for the chaff like a cigar cutter that rotated to remove the chaff routinely, large enough to accommodate a growth layer, and liveable layers. You grow the foods straight outward to get the most growth—lit 360 degrees and misted either from within or out so that the water may drain away from the bottom (or put a drip wire down through the core so water cascades down it if extraneous to cycle through cleanly again), with the liveable layers flowering around it to their smallest radius. Then again, at harvest, you repeat the cutting motion and are left with pre trimmed food that takes up very little space but offers up a lot of food if the right types. You have it in sections of at least two to get to the nurbed root system. You have weighted/sized netting to separate the liveable layer from the food—the food should fall through the catchall of the livable layer.

You grow the layering to be stouter, with more of the upper two layers. Smaller to no waste layer. There are perfect ratios to be attained (not done here) to cost per unit fed to volume of product produced.

You sharpen or replace the blades periodically within the housings. Use the blade I designed as they may not break for years being so sharp.

You could also put the canister of water on it. True. (Or just a gravity feed above it with a rotating core in the center of each sphere so roots may not grow into the system that rotates randomly but feeds continuously). You hang multiple spheres in their 75% volume in a box containment value Then fill in the remaining space with smaller spheres likely with different food types if you wanted diversity or all the same for bulk–up until you reach the maximum allotment. The thing about misting is that it uses less water, makes the sphere smaller so the food can be larger. The lights just have to be sealed l.e.d.s.and the right quick grow type. The water nutrient dense.

Anyway it’s just a thought.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

I’m schizoaffective and my delusions revolve around being monitored by some group through electronics and the like.

My therapist has advised I don’t use my computer for a couple of weeks to try and clear my head. Since I draw my comic and write my books on it I haven’t had much to do.

I’m teaching myself finite mathematics and statistics on an iPad in the meantime to pass the time while I wait for the delusions to pass and for an increase in my anti psychotic medication to be approved. I still don’t know how you medicate a belief but hopefully it’ll work and I’ll stop seeing messages in my Spotify app and thinking I’m being monitored through my phone and computer. My therapist thinks that my dad building spy software for the us government has something to do with my delusions and he’s probably right.

I’ve been working on a governing theorem for an a.i. I want to build called zed that I’m going to work on while I go to school at the local community college for a mechanical engineering degree. I can only take ten hours of class and study time per week per semester so I don’t lose my disability and health insurance so it’s a slow process. I’m watching YouTube videos and finding PDFs of books to read to teach myself this stuff very slowly. I’m not a very good teacher without someone to ask questions about. It’s a very slow process but it is what it is.

I’m hoping once I get into the algebra class, (I scored one point too low to get into calculus but it’s fine), I can go to my professor and use their office hours time to learn more about probability and writing equations and functions mathematically so I can explain the hierarchy of the a.i. Before I start learning to code. I want to proof my theorems if I can.

I have so much to learn and I don’t know where to start but I know it involves machine learning and capsule networks as well as robotics and data mining and formulation.

I tend to get inventive when I’m ill and I’ve been working on this governing theorem for a couple of weeks steadily but I came up with the brunt of it last year during a moment of clarity. I won’t share it here until the theorems are complete and I have a working hierarchy to implement. It’ll be a while.

My goal is to be a high functioning bipolar schizophrenic and get back into the work force so I can work on my own projects in my free time. Disability doesn’t lend to being able to afford to do anything. I get twenty bucks per week that doesn’t go to bills in some way.

Anyway the comic will come back in a week or two depending on how badly I degrade with these new meds. Please bear with me as I’m not actively trying to go insane and be useless. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Jordan. d0_0b

New Glasses, and the inability to draw with dilated eyes.

So mum bought me some glasses frames from frames direct a few days ago to say thanks for taking care of her. Spent the morning in the optometrists office getting dilated, eyes puffed on, and checking my vision within boxes and lines.

The lady that helped me was named Misty, just like pokemon, which I thought was pretty cool.
Apparently I only need a monocle because my left eye is -.25 off and my right eye doesn’t need a prescription.

I currently can’t read any text so I hope I’m making sense linguistically.
These are the first glasses I’ve had since buying myself google glass lenses back when they were the hip thing and I was a workforce employee. I’m looking forward to retiring them and getting back to normal glasses. Unwanted public attention isn’t great for a paranoid schizophrenic.

032418 glasses

The ones I was given are Prada SV065’s one in havana(tortoise shell) and one in straight black. Jeanette is worried that they’ll be too small for sun glasses, but I made my choice and I just have to be happy with them. I’m very grateful to be given them, since I can’t afford to buy replacements while on disability. I’m hoping the frames will last for multiple lenses depending on when I need them updated. That’s the reason for getting Prada.

Prada glasses were also the first thing I bought when I got my manager in training job at Big 5 years back. My insurance covered most of them, and I was so proud of myself for being able to afford the rest of them. I got the transitional lenses, which changed from regular glasses to sunglasses with the uv pumped down from the sun. They were fantastic. They did get stolen when went to a college for summer art classes, but that’s another story.

I’m just waiting for my eyes to clear so I can get on with the comic. It’s going to be a few hours, and I’ve got nothing to do to kill time other than work or watch some tv, which hasn’t been doing it for me lately.

Anyway, that’s been my morning, and I hope you have a wonderful day today.
Jordan, d0—0b.